Vacation Bible School

VBS is held annually, usually in August. Contact us for more information.

Youth Group

Our Youth Group participates in monthly activities to include bowling, camp fires, concerts, hikes, meals, community events, and charitable time-sharing. If you are a young person in 6th grade or older, or have kids in your family in this range, please contact Hannah Foulk to learn more about the program!

Sunday School

Our Sunday School occurs during the the main service, so please bring all of the kids along! We start with a Children's sermon during the service, and then the kids head to another area of the church for fun activities and learning. All ages are welcome, and they are taught separately based on age group and school grade.

Women's Group

UPW meets about 7 times a year. We provide donations to many local organizations, as well as Vision of Asia. We hold our annual Harvest Breakfast the first Saturday in November which consists of a bazaar, bake sale, raffle, breakfast and fellowship. We also arrange a church potluck with homemade ice cream. The custard has always been made by the women of the church and a tractor provides the power to churn the custard into ice cream. We have an active quilting group which is called the Blanket Brigade. The hand -made lap robes are blessed at a church service in November and delivered to 4 local nursing homes, Haiti and India, which are church/medical missions, children and young adult programs such as WIC, located in the Marshall Putnam Health Departments, St. Jude Hospital, CWTC, which is the Handicap Workshop in Peoria, Kemmerer Village, Crittenden Shelter, Esther House, Peoria Rescue Mission and 3 local town’s Christmas stocking funds

Bible Studies

We facilitate several bible studies for different ages and groups. If you're interested in joining one, please ask!